You're an experienced engineer passionate about operations and deployment automation in large and complex distributed systems. You write software, but also fully understand networking, load-balancing, and are familiar with many aspects of hardware and software infrastructure. You have worked with Heroku or AWS OpsWorks, and are excited about the opportunity to try newer systems, such as Docker. Your infrastructure is never on fire, you're organized and patient. You believe that you're most effective by writing automation code and are excited to expand your skills towards being a full stack engineer, specializing in dev-ops, within a very strong Engineering team.

Our Stack

Artsy has 35 services and applications in production. Check out our latest blog post about our tech stack.

What is Artsy?

In a sentence, Artsy is like Pandora for the fine art world. Our goal: using artificial intelligence we want to make the traditionally closed-off and intimidating art world easily accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. We believe that by increasing access, we can expand the market and get more people educated and passionate about fine art.

Why work at Artsy?

If you want to change it with us, please drop us a line and include some links to what you've built: