Jul 2, 2018

Google Arts & Culture created an interactive website dedicated to Monet’s relationship with architecture.

If you logged onto Google on July 2nd, you might have noticed tiny blue letters beneath the search bar that read: “Discover architecture through Monet’s brushstrokes.” If clicked, the phrase led you to a special Google Arts & Culture page with the words “Monet was here.” Inspired by the ongoing “Monet & Architecture” exhibition at the National Gallery in London, the Google site specifically focuses on Claude Monet’s relationship to urban design, and was brought to life with the help of 17 arts institutions from across the globe (along with the sponsorship of Credit Suisse).  
Broken down into four sections––Online Exhibits, Artworks and Artifacts, Articles, and Collections––the page hosts a bounty of visual and written information that offers new perspectives on Monet’s artwork. There’s an editorial feature with fun facts about Monet’s life and artwork, and 12 virtual exhibits that feature slideshows of paintings and accompanying text. The page is a playground for those who love Monet, as well as those who are unfamiliar with the artist. One pleasurable section of the site is its display of ultra-high-resolution photographs of five paintings, which allow the viewer to see every brushstroke and crack of paint in an artwork, with a mesmerizing sharpness.