Mar 13, 2018

Guards at the National Gallery of Art say their work environment is hostile.

A Washington Post investigation found that security guards at the National Gallery of Art, a partially federally funded institution on the Mall in Washington, D.C., say they work in a hostile environment characterized by large wage and racial disparities between security officers, who are largely minorities, and their managers, who are mostly white. “Sexual harassment, various instances of discrimination and retaliation are among the top complaints,” according to 17 employees interviewed by the Post. A female guard who alleged harassment had to take a training course led by her accused harasser; another guard was suspended without pay for reporting a sleeping supervisor, because he was said to have gone outside the chain of command, the Post reported. The chief of the security division told the Post  that he could not comment on specific allegations, but said his division “take[s] any harassment or discrimination claims extremely seriously.”