Apr 24, 2019

Netflix’s “Sabrina” was once again accused of copying an artist’s work without permission.

Photo by Brian Cantoni, via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo by Brian Cantoni, via Wikimedia Commons.

The Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been accused of copying an artist’s work without permission and without giving them credit or compensation. If this sounds familiar, it’s because the series has faced similar accusations before. Last October, the Satanic Temple claimed the show had rather blatantly replicated its iconic Baphomet monument; Netflix and Warner Bros., the show’s producer, ultimately settled a lawsuit brought by the Temple. The following month, the show came under fire from Georgia-based artist Joseph Butler over a painting extremely similar to one of his own that appeared in a Sabrina scene; the production team responsible for the show ultimately offered Butler a licensing agreement for his painting’s use.

Now, the North Carolina-based artist Zach Smithson has come forward and accused the show of copying his work in the fourth episode of the new Sabrina season. In a post on Instagram comparing his own work and photos of the show, Smithson highlights the similarities between his illustration of a toothy monster with outstretched hand and tongue, and a similar painting appearing on the show.

Smithson told the Daily Dot:

It was kind of bittersweet. A piece of art I made and really loved was prominently shown on a Netflix show. But also, my art had blatantly been taken and used without my permission. [. . .] It’s frustrating because I have applied to art jobs with companies like them, and I’ve been rejected. Instead, my art was painted over and used by them anyway.