Jun 14, 2018

Police are investigating reports that a piece by Banksy has been stolen from a major show of the artist’s work.

The unidentified work was reported stolen on Saturday from the debut of curator Steve Lazaride’s unauthorized retrospective of the famed street artist, “The Art of Banksy,” Canadian public Broadcaster, CBC reported.
The show, which opened to the public on Wednesday, boasts 80 works worth a reported $35 million and sourced from 40 collections around the globe. The show will travel to other cities in North America after its initial run in Toronto, which concludes on July 11.
Lazarides, who worked as Banksy’s dealer for a number of years, declined to confirm or comment on reports of the theft when reached by CBC.

Update 6/15/18

One of the organizers of the show has identified the stolen Banksy as Trolley Hunters, worth an estimated $45,000, according to Global News. Toronto police have released a video of the theft, which appears to have taken place at aproximately five in the morning on Sunday.