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50 Golborne gallery‘s mission is to support and promote some of the best projects and productions developed by emerging international visual artists, designers and makers.
50 Golborne was founded by Gallery Perimeter Art & Design’s director Pascale Revert with the mission to investigate the convergence between contemporary art, design and craft. While 50 Golborne represents in London a certain number of the artists Perimeter was supporting in Paris, it has a further special focus on makers of Africa and the African diaspora, in the context of a global dialogue. The gallery's programme is especially focused on portraying and interrogating a world which is changing fast, and in which the African continent and its international diaspora plays a dynamic and significant role. 50 Golborne is located in Golborne Road, a vibrant market street on the northern edge of Notting Hill, London.
VAT ID#: GB 987 666 539
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