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571 Projects promotes the work of dynamic emerging and mid-career contemporary artists by bringing conceptually strong, well-crafted work to the notice of an engaged art-going and collecting public.
571 Projects focusses on two-dimensional, wall-based works in a variety of media, including innovative printing techniques, works on paper and paintings on canvas. A common thread is a strong interest in aesthetic harmony and craftsmanship. Founded in 2009 by Sophie Bréchu-West, an alumna of Christie’s Education with a Master’s in Contemporary Art and Connoisseurship, 571 Projects is a boutique gallery with its origins in one of the last old warehouses in New York City’s Chelsea gallery district. Now resettled in Stowe, 571 Projects continues to build a community of new and seasoned collectors through exhibitions and projects. A discerning eye and a lifelong love of art paired with the desire to promote the work of significant emerging and mid-career artists drives our curatorial program.