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AH Contemporary is a New York City-based gallery that focuses on contemporary art and design. Started in 2017 by husband and wife team Hannah Seligson and Andrew Eil, AH Contemporary is working to bring new and undervalued artists to collectors.
With combined backgrounds in journalism and international relations, Andrew Eil and Hannah Seligson launched AH Contemporary in 2017 after noticing many of the entrenched barriers to entry into the art world -- everything from sexism to ageism. Andrew, who studied Russian history and literature at Harvard, and Hannah, who has been writing for The New York Times for the last decade, wanted to create a space--both virtual and physical-- for artists, of all backgrounds and ages, who were being overlooked. At AH Contemporary we are doing things differently. We are taking chances on artists, not always pricing works based on size, and we are rethinking the gallery/artist split. In short, we are, like our artists, breaking the mold.