Alan Klotz Gallery

New York City
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For the past 39 years, The Alan Klotz Gallery has dealt in fine 19th and 20th century vintage photography, as well as presenting emerging contemporary and mid-career work.
The Alan Klotz Gallery is a founding member of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD). We participate in the major photography trade shows and travel extensively to buy as well as to sell. In addition to the exhibition of fine art photography, we offer Collector's Seminar. These seminars focus on what makes for value in photography. This includes issues of connoisseurship, conservation, proper storage, investment and purchasing strategies. Collecting confidence comes out of knowledge not hype. We also act as auction consultants and agents. When you are in New York please arrange for a visit to the gallery. Our mission is to be a reliable source of information on the medium of photography and collecting the same.