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Antonine Catzeflis works all over Europe and has only single pieces or small series. By opening her space to selected artists, choosing their works, investing in their talents. She is making time after time exhibitions that start to establish affinity.
“Neither a shop, nor a gallery” had quickly warned Antonine Catzéflis when defining the mood and purpose of her space on rue Saint-Roch. Her idea has developed since 2002, the distinctive gallery has found its own voice and Antonine Catzéflis’ choices are sharper. The space’s singular location is perceived as an atypical heartland by creative minds, assertive individuals and other artists that happen to find refuge in it. Antonine sets the trend. Remaining sensitive to style, she defies conventions, relies on poetry and feeds into humour and fantasy. She instinctively chooses collusion , which she knits in line with coincidences and affinities; Simply and precisely. Antonine Catzéflis catches a young generation of watchful artists plugged into their generation.
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