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Archway Gallery, known for its support of the greater Houston art scene, is an artist owned and managed gallery with 33 Houston based artists that work in a variety of media. Each month the gallery is refreshed with a new solo show up front and different work throughout.
Archway Gallery was voted the best place to buy art in Houston over the past few years, including 2019-2020. Since 1976, this artist owned and managed gallery has given patrons the opportunity to buy directly from the artist. The gallery has gained a reputation as a premier art space in the city through weekly live figure drawing sessions, frequent music concerts, dance performances, and literary activities. Our select group of artists reflects the talent and international flavor that is a hallmark of Houston. Artists from Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Pakistan, Bolivia, France, Canada, Australia, China, The Philippines, and all over the United States make up the 33 artists who now call Houston home. Archway Gallery is located in the Montrose Area of Houston, Texas at 2305 Dunlavy.