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Art and Heart Galerie, le choix du nom de notre galerie ne tient pas au hasard. Notre volonté est de ne présenter uniquement ce qui peut se dénommé ART, hors tous les hobby d'amateurs, et qui parle à nos coeurs.
The choice of the name of our gallery is no coincidence. Our wish is to present only that which can be called ART, apart from all the amateur hobbies, and which speaks to our hearts: Emmanuelle Vroelant touches us by her strength and her fierce will to paint. To do this she has to struggle with a terrible disease and our support is essential to her. Olivier Ebel captivates us with his "jack of all trades" attitude. Inventor of a personal technique of lacquer work on wood plate, he does not stop applying his creativity to other fields: tables, chairs, armchairs, shower cubicle... a challenge to manage... Pierre Morquin enthuses us by the passion with which he launches into his exploration of forms, colours and emotions, which he lets himself be carried away by.