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We are specialized in the works of the great masters of the Paris school with an emphasis on paper and original prints. We have developed a speciality in working with Korean artists, either living or having worked in France, modern masters and contemporary artists.
Art Works Paris Seoul gallery represents young Korean artists who live in France, like Hur Kyung-Ae and Lee Eu, as well as French Artists like Frédéric Léglise and L'Atlas. One can also find modern art there, by masters of the Korean abstraction: Ufan, Lee Bae, Kim Tschang Yeul, etc and the Paris school such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Bernard Buffet. Our inventory is also particularly rich in the works of the video artist Nam-June Paik. Exhibitions are founded upon the permanent link that the gallery has between Paris and Seoul, on the outlook that some French artists have on Korea, or even on the way that a stay in France has influenced a Korean artist's work and the unique expressions that stand out from it.
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