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BABS Art Gallery is the first gallery in Milan dedicated to jewelry by artists. Inspired by the concept that art is something to always carry with you, BABS exhibits unique pieces or limited editions exclusively made by selected artists.
BABS Art Gallery originated in 2018. The gallery’s concept is focused on collaboration with artists. They create jewelry as if they were sculptures to wear, unique pieces or limited editions designed exclusively for the gallery. The inspiration comes from the desire to show art as something to always carry with you - people are encouraged to wear it and in this way, art becomes part of their daily life. So far, BABS has collaborated with 8 artists, including Ugo Nespolo and Emilio Isgrò. The exhibition activity includes a solo-exhibition's time frame, in which the jewelry on display establishes a dialogue with the artists’ oeuvre. Besides temporary exhibitions, BABS Art Gallery focuses on secondary market jewelry, which includes some of the most significant names in the '900 art scene.
VAT ID#: IT10365840965
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