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Baron Grafton Arthouse is a London Contemporary Online Art Gallery Selling Original Abstract Paintings, Fine Art Photography and Archival Limited Edition Prints by Artists Maite Baron and Keith Grafton. Bespoke Works of Art. Free Shipping.
Baron Grafton Arthouse is a London contemporary online Art Gallery selling original abstract Paintings, conceptual Fine Art Photography and archival Limited Edition Prints by artists Maite Baron and Keith Grafton. We believe in quality, innovation and the individual vision, and create art built on emotion, colour and texture to celebrate aesthetic beauty and push the boundaries between traditional and digital. Our gallery concept is flexible, sustainable and open to collaboration between collectors, design professionals, retail brands and other galleries who are looking for inspiring fresh art with personality. Our purpose is to shift perceptions on meaning and create a sense of connection. FOLLOW us on Artsy and VISIT to be added to our mailing list.
VAT ID#: GB662758503
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