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Berry Campbell represents 34 artists & estates including Walter Darby Bannard, Dan Christensen, Perle Fine, Judith Godwin, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jill Nathanson, Charlotte Park, WIlliam Perehudoff, Ann Purcell, Syd Solomon, Yvonne Thomas, Frank Wimberley, and Larry Zox among others.
Highlighting a selection of postwar and contemporary artists, Berry Campbell fills an important gap in the art world, revealing a depth within American modernism that is just beginning to be understood, encompassing the many artists who were left behind due to race, gender, or geography. Since its inception, the gallery has been especially instrumental in giving women artists long overdue consideration. Berry Campbell represents Edward Avedisian, Stanley Boxer, Nanette Carter, Dan Christensen, Eric Dever, Perle Fine, Judith Godwin, Ken Greenleaf, Ida Kohlmeyer, Jill Nathanson, Elizabeth Osborne, Charlotte Park, William Perehudoff, Ann Purcell, Mike Solomon, Syd Solomon, Yvonne Thomas, Susan Vecsey, James Walsh, Joyce Weinstein, Frank Wimberley, and Larry Zox, among other artists/estates.
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