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Berta Walker Gallery has been representing the history of American Art as seen through the eyes of Provincetown for more than three decades.
The Berta Walker Gallery was founded in 1990 by owner and curator Berta Walker and has represented legends like Marsden Hartley and Hans Hofmann, expressionists such as Budd Hopkins and Robert Henry, and masters such as Charles W. Hawthorne, Paul Resika, and Edward Hopper, as well as burgeoning artists such as Joseph Diggs, Mike Carroll, and Laura Shabott. The Berta Walker Gallery continues to adapt to changing times and changing ideas, representing prominent genre-bending photographers, sculptors, and painters, while leading the way as the Provincetown art community reaches into the digital marketplace. Exclusive online shows, innovative collaborations, and a prominent online presence are just a few of the ways that this seminal gallery continues to remain at the vanguard of American art.