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Gail Biaggi and Carlos Faure have had the privilege of living surrounded by art and of gaining profound knowledge and understanding of one of life’s most important vehicles of human expression. Our work has been strictly guided by our passion for art collecting.
Biaggi & Faure Fine Art is a locally owned company that promotes the magic, energy and cultural richness of Puerto Rican modern and contemporary fine art. Founded in 1989 by our co-directors Gail Biaggi and Carlos Faure, Biaggi & Faure Fine Art has built a solid reputation of integrity and honesty driven by one-on-one consulting and outstanding customer service. We take pride in the exclusive representation of a select group of renowned masters of different generations, as well as rising young artists of unquestionable talent. Our Gallery distinguishes itself for offering art lovers a unique portfolio by brilliant local artists, combined with the personalized and exceptional attention that is devoted to private and corporate clients.
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