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Located in Newport, RI, CCG offers traditional and contemporary art. Representing a variety of interests, media and subject matter by regional, national, emerging, established and outsider artists, the gallery hosts monthly events and unique collaborations year-round.
Founded in May of 2018, CCG provides expert assistance with building upon established art collections or guiding and educating those clients who are at the beginning stages of acquiring art. Owner and director Shari Weschler understands the complexities of managing a brick and mortar gallery, and respects how artists and clients deserve to be treated. She provides in-depth proposals, with the option of "site specific virtual placement" to collectors, designers, architects and collaborating galleries for homes, yachts and commercial spaces. Ms. Weschler strives to develop a positive environment through engaging conversations. Her artistic "family" is built upon trust, mutual respect and a high caliber of diverse, resulting in a uniquely distinct gallery experience in Newport RI.