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Coskun specializes in Post-War and Contemporary Art and is Europe's leading dealer in works by Andy Warhol, carrying a large inventory of unique and editioned prints, drawings and works on canvas.
Coskun, who is known as the main Warhol dealer in Europe, was the first gallery in London to represent Andy Warhol on a large scale with an extensive and meticulously vetted inventory. Through fostering close relationships with the Andy Warhol Foundation and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Coskun was able to offer works acquired directly from the Foundation's warehouse. On many occasions, Coskun organized exhibitions in association with the Museum or the Foundation, often showing works that had never been seen in the UK. Warhol Portraits, the installation of Warhol's silent movie 'Empire', and the 'Mao' exhibition with the Mao Wallpaper installation courtesy of the Warhol Museum are just a few examples of these collaborative exhibitions.
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