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Innovative, inspiring and contemplative work that is contemporary yet ancient and timeless - painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, word art, multimedia, video, installations, interactive work and curated collections. Contact the Gallery for more on the artists: 802.257.7898.
C. X. Silver Gallery features unique, innovative, inspiring and contemplative work of contemporary artists as well as estates of recent artists. The Gallery focuses on art that is contemporary yet ancient and timeless. The artworks range from painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, word art, multimedia and video work to installations, curated collections, participatory art, and art-as-food-as-art. This artwork often has performative aspects to it or is an artifact of artist performance, art/life processes, or interactive work, featuring outer and inner journeys, investigations, explorations, reflections, observations, recording, inner conversation, memory, mind/emotion, inspiration and a variety of visual languages. Contact the Gallery 802.257.7898 for more about the artists and their work.