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DerniersJours, a young gallery in the St. Blaise village of the upcoming and artsy 20th arrondissement of Paris, exhibits artworks from both emerging and established artists mostly in graphic arts, but also photography/mix-media, sculpture and artist’s books.
The DerniersJours gallery aims at revealing artists partly “hidden”, either due to their life history or geographic location that have a lot to offer. For example, one of our painters stopped painting 20 years ago, others work in remote corners of Brittany, Lapland or the Swiss Alps. Once a year the gallery organizes with various organizations and charities an “Expo Sociale” showcasing art from people in extreme social situations. This year, DerniersJours displayed works by autistic youngsters. DerniersJours gallery is a project by Laurent Zylberman, photographer/director and Piritta Sorsa, art collector. Both world travelers and citizens, having lived in Bulgaria, China, Finland, France, India, Mexico, Switzerland and USA, they want to bring you their favorites artists to discover.