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Design, Creation and Sale of a very high-end International Contemporary Art Catalog, aimed at professional clients (Architects, Decorators, 4 * 5 * Hotels, Palaces ...), businesses and collectors. This catalog composed of more than 500 works and about twenty confirmed artist
"There is modern art that wants to be modern by principle, but with no chance of sale. There is one who sleeps in the museums of the whole world and before whom the public remains dubious, even incredulous. "What does this black dot look like in a big white square?" And then there are those who give life to a contemporary art of everyday life, which will find its place in an office, an apartment, a house ... living art! For three years in the fall, there is an expected release in the small world of decoration and contemporary art: the catalog Design by Jaler. A young company that makes wiggle a contemporary art, really alive." Permanent artists Aiiroh / Ava / Bazantay / Bey / Binet / Dexto / Fat / Jaler / Lagasse / Mimouni / Nowak / Noble$$ / Nouna / Philip Pottier / Sager / Zed.
VAT ID#: FR17820920734