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Judith Ferrara Fine Art Gallery LLC, established in 2003 by Judy Ferrara, is located outside of Chicago, IL, in the quaint town of Three Oaks, Michigan. The gallery represents a broad range of well-established and emerging artists.
Judy Ferrara is Principal and Director of Judith Ferrara Fine Art Gallery LLC, a gallery specialising in creating unique aesthetic environments through art with a personal touch. Since its opening in 2001, the gallery has expanded its library of artists and has become a resource base rich in talent. Judy’s goal is to create seamless and exclusive art collections with works that span a broad range of styles by artists from all over the world. Located in the picturesque town of Three Oaks, Michigan, the gallery provides a variety of services to clients worldwide seeking quality works of art for their home, business, and commercial space. Judy can advise you on a one-time purchase or as part of a long-term collecting strategy.
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