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The Front Gallery features Edmonton's artistic diversity in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Exhibiting artists work from all over the world, an extensive collection of books, as well as FGAR - Front Gallery Augmented Reality art experiences.
The art exhibited at The Front Gallery features work from both Canadian and international artists and extends from traditional landscapes to more challenging contemporary pieces, all of which have the ability to surprise, challenge and inspire it's audiences.The Front Gallery is a forty year landmark in the heart of the gallery walk district in Edmonton and a gathering place for local artists and collectors. Featuring Edmonton's artistic diversity in a relaxed and welcoming environment, exhibiting local artists as well as work from over fifty artists from all over the world, including work by Francesco Clemente, Damien Hirst, David Lachapelle, Mimmo Paladino and more. We are also very pleased to offer augmented reality art experiences.