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The Galerie Bene Taschen was founded by Bene Taschen as a gallery for contemporary photography and paintings in 2011.
Founded in Cologne in 2011, Galerie Bene Taschen represents some of the world’s leading artists in contemporary photography and painting. Galerie Bene Taschen launched in 2011 with its presentation of works by L.A. photographer Gregory Bojorquez and by Joseph Rodriguez from New York. In 2014, celebrated photographer Miron Zownir from Berlin joined the gallery’s roster. In 2015, the photographers Jamel Shabazz and Arlene Gottfried, both from New York, were added. Since autumn 2017, the gallery has represented New York-based photographer Jeff Mermelstein and German painter Charlotte Trossbach, and in 2018 hosted its first solo exhibition with the works of David LaChapelle. In 2019, the photographers William Claxton and Larry Fink, as well as the Brazilian photographer Salgado followed.
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