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Located in the center of France in a XVIIth century builing, Galerie Capazza represents 90 permanent artists in the main fields of contemporary art : painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, glass, engraving and silversmith's work.
Galerie Capazza was founded in 1975 by Gérard and Sophie Capazza who dedicated their life to art. Nowadays, Laura and Denis Capazza-Durand have taken over, still defending with passion the artworks of 90 permanent artists, some already reknown among the best artists of their generations, some at the beginning of their carreer. The diversity of the expressions has always been an important point at the gallery, we try to combine works of the same quality, with differents ways, techniques, signs. Galerie Capazza counts among the most famous galleries in France, reknown for its commitment towards the artists, it's fidelity principle, and it's passion. We hope you will like our choices, and will be pleased to answer all the questions you would have about our works.
VAT ID#: FR59501346779
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