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Galerie Commeter, founded in 1821, is based in Hamburg, Germany and focuses on works of contemporary artists. As an affiliate, the Galerie Persiehl & Heine, founded in 2008, is specialized in contemporary fine art Photography.
Since its establishment almost two centuries ago, the Hamburg Galerie Commeter has been a major influence in the city´s cultural life. The gallery was founded in 1821 by the two businessmen and passionate art collectors Ernst Georg Harzen and Matthias Commeter, without whom "a profounder artistic education in Hamburg could not have been acquired", as Alfred Lichtwark, the first Director of the Hamburger Kunsthalle once remarked. The Galerie Commeter deals in and exhibits contemporary art. In 2008, Carola Persiehl and Oliver Heine founded, as an affiliate, the Galerie Persiehl & Heine, specialized in contemporary photography.
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