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Galerie Kandlhofer is a young Austrian gallery representing contemporary artists.
Galerie Kandlhofer is a young Austrian gallery, founded in 2016 situated in the centre of Vienna. With a focus on supporting emerging talents, the gallery represents Austrian and international artists, with a multifaceted program ranging from painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and installations to a series dedicated to contemporary video works and performances. Represented Gallery artists are: Hermann Nitsch, Richie Culver, Acaye Kerunen, Sofia Borges, Faye Wei Wei, Frauke Dannert, Karl Karner, Alina Kunitsyna, James English Leary, Xie Lei, Nana Mandl, Hannah Perry, Maximilian Prüfer, Markus Redl, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Marc Henry, Alicia Viebrock
VAT ID#: ATU 65785411
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