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GALERIE KLÜSER was founded in 1978 starting with a close cooperation with Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol. Until today it has been a platform for contemporary art in Munich. The gallery represents internationally renowned as well as emerging artists.
The starting point of Bernd Klüser’s gallery and publishing activity was the close cooperation with Joseph Beuys. In 1970 first mulitples editions by the artist were published together with Jörg Schellmann. In 1978 Bernd Klüser founded his own gallery in Munich. He organized early shows by promising artists, such as Alex Katz or Cindy Sherman. Also key members of the Transavanguardia formed an important part. Besides, GALERIE KLÜSER continued to work closely with Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol. 'Details of Renaissance Paintings' or the Lenin Portraits emerged at that time. In 2002 a second location was opened in Munich. GALERIE KLÜSER 2 does not only feature young artists like Jorinde Voigt or Natalia Załuska but also serves as an additional exhibition space for extensive major shows.
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