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"Marie Victoire was the granddaughter of famous painter, Serge Poliakoff. Her gallery, which looked like a Bonbonniere, seemed outside space and time, and it certainly didn’t relate to the conventions of the NY contemporary art world as we knew it.” Brooks Adams, art critic
In Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Marie Victoire’s gallery has, for the past 30 years, shown young artists chosen according to her own taste and their affinities with the idea of what art is, as transmitted to her by her grandfather, major post-war abstract painter Serge Poliakoff. This cozy gallery, with its chic window displays and traces of the past, differs from our idea of a contemporary art gallery. Marie Victoire Poliakoff claims this uniqueness in her choice of artists, drawn together by a certain idea of painting, whatever the medium. She knows that painting not only is texture, pigment, equilibrium and a dialogue with space, but also poetry and music. Pauline Bazignan, Bernard Cousinier, Duncan Hannah, Elizabeth Lennard, J. B. Marot, Martin Mc Nulty are some of the artists she shows.
VAT ID#: FR38344986070
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