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The gallery exhibits prestigious artists of the contemporary movement, such as Guerrieri, Micka and Bombardieri. It presents cubist and neo-expressionist works and artists from the School of Nice, among others. Its passion for art spans a wide array of currents and styles.
Situated in the heart of Paris on the famous Place des Vosges, since 1996 Galerie Vivendi follows and creates the tendencies in modern art. Over the past two decades the gallery has captured prestigious artists and initially distinguished itself from other Parisian galleries by its interest in Kinetic art. It takes part in prestigious contemporary art fairs around the world : Beijing, Chicago, London, Paris, Maastricht, New York, Miami, Palm Beach, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai and Istanbul. With more than 200 exhibitions, it has acquired a robust international reputation for its dynamism and professionalism. It aims to capture attention with very immediate contemporary works such as abstract paintings and surprising sculptures. Its artists come from a diversity of backgrounds and countries.
VAT ID#: FR48448331975
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