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island JAPAN co., Ltd wad founded in Tokyo in 2010. In 2016, moved the gallery to BLOCK HOUSE in Jingumae. island JAPAN will continue to work with artists and clients to explore the meaning of art in the changing social climate through a new vision and proactive action.
Since opening island JAPAN in 2010, gallery director Haruka Ito has been involved in a variety of activities, including holding exhibitions and participating in international art fairs, serving as the main director of Art festival “Tekkojima Festival” and “Tennoz Art Festival”, a mural painting program, as well as the art director of “101 Contemporary Art Fair”. Then, in 2016, the gallery moved into a new phase with the relocation of the space to the modern architecture of BLOCK HOUSE in Shibuya. Our goal is to create a new gallery as a new form of movement with active artists who have collaborated on various projects and events that Ito has developed over the years.
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