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Based along Madison Avenue, Helwaser Gallery presents public exhibition programs of international artists. The gallery also specializes in Post-War and Contemporary art, including works by Tom Wesselmann, Alexander Calder, Adolph Gottlieb, and George Condo, amongst others.
Founded in Paris in 1986, the gallery has initiated significant exhibitions, including a retrospective on Jean Dubuffet (1996), and presentations on French cubist masters, notably Georges Braque, Jean Metzinger, and Pablo Picasso. In 2008, Helwaser Gallery marked its inaugural relocation to New York with the group exhibition Red, which presented works by Hans Hofmann, Andy Warhol, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. In 2019, Helwaser Gallery reopened its present space with a public exhibition program, presenting internationally recognized artists. The gallery program emphasizes a dialogue between contemporary art, and modern art historical movements and contexts.
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