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A 600m2 gallery, both on street level and underground spaces, as well as a private courtyard in the mere center of "France's most pleasant city". A magnificent and vibrating setting, in the middle of the Loire Valley.
Having been an art collector for 25 years, the founder of the gallery named it "In Arte Veritas" : In Art can be found the truth, humanist and sensitive. Mostly interested in figurative artworks, the gallery started exhibiting portraits, and with time completed the environment with landscapes, colors, and animal sculptures, but always with artworks very technical and impressive. Never choosing an artist because of its fame, but because of the strength of his work. The art gallery gained therefore the reputation of defending artists with passion and a true love of art. Nonetheless, with a thorough accuracy in choosing and revealing talents, as well as gaining confidence from top artists, we now exhibit artists that have received international awards, and whose artworks are must-have ones.
VAT ID#: fr14820507028
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