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inde/jacobs is located in Marfa TX, home of the Chinati and Judd Foundations. The gallery exhibits prints by Judd, Flavin and other Chinati artists. It also exhibits new work by emerging and mid-career artists who work in a minimalist or reductive style. Welcome!
inde/jacobs focuses on minimalist and reductive art and includes limited editions by artists related to the Chinati and Judd Foundations of Marfa. It also represents emerging and mid-career artists who enhance the understanding of minimalism and reductive art. The aesthetic is key and therefore Vilis Inde stresses that people acquire art that they love. He continues to exhibit pieces that he acquired when he began to collect art 30 years ago. The architects Claesson Koivisto Rune designed a building (2015) that has forced perspective and subtle references to Judd. It has been featured in numerous architecture magazines. Because it is difficult to fully appreciate minimalist work from a jpg, the purchaser can return work within 10 days and receive the purchase price.