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The Kala Gallery is a 2,200 square foot non-profit exhibition space in Berkeley, CA that shows approximately six exhibitions per year in a wide range of media. Much of the work presented is made by the talented Artists-in-Residence at Kala's printmaking studio.
The Kala Gallery is the exhibition space for Kala Art Institute, a non-profit arts organization that includes a 8,000 sq-foot print studio, a robust artist residency program, and a broad range of education initiatives. The gallery primarily showcases the wide variety of work made in the studio-- from digital prints to reduction woodcuts. In addition to selling pieces by artists currently working in the studio we also have an extensive archive of available work by artists who have previously had residencies at Kala. In its 47th year, Kala Art Institute is an anchor for the art-making community in the East Bay and many notable artists have made work here and added pieces to our inventory. We are also an excellent source for work by emerging artists, many of whom go on to exciting careers.
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