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Kastel Gallery's has always searched out top quality works of art and has been instrumental in guiding and providing an array of art to private and corporate collectors.
Kastel Gallery is a major player in the art world. Kastel gallery established in the mid 1950’s by Paul Kastel, who originally emigrated from Germany, came to Montreal in 1950 and became most prestigious galleries in Canada. He had a passion and was naturally drawn to Canadian and international art when he arrived. He quickly formed a friendship with Fritz Brandtner one of the country’s most important avant-garde artists and a great precursor of modernity. The present online gallery gives collectors the opportunity to purchase and sell fine works of art or just browse and use the site as learning tool. Whether you buying or selling we can help on every level. We will pass on our expertise and experience on to you, and all transactions are done in a professional and confidential manner.
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