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Founded in 2008 as an art dealership company, soon in 2012 Kirisenko Art Gallery rapidly has become a leading forward-looking art gallery of the Ukrainian Contemporary Art. Today, Kirisenko Art Gallery is one of the most experienced in popularizing Ukrainian art.
Kirisenko Art Gallery has been playing an important role in the promotion of Ukrainian art since 2008 as an art dealership company. Since 2012, it has become a contemporary art gallery. We are focused mainly on the popularization of contemporary Ukrainian artists in Ukraine and abroad. Today Ukraine is considered a real fount of art and creativity – we have a lot of promising and highly professional artists, whose works are highly appreciated all around the world. By investing in Ukrainian art, you not only support specific artists, but also get a remarkable piece of Ukrainian culture. You can trust our knowledge and expertise to help you build a high-quality collection. We hope that we could become your personal assistant to the world of truly exceptional things.
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