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KUNKEL FINE ART specializes in the acquisition and sale of mid-nineteenth and early twentieth-century drawings, paintings and sculptures. Focus of the business German artists working in Italy c.1850-1920 Salon artists and secessionists Jugend and Simplicissimus artists
Alexander Kunkel was born in Buenos Aires in 1979 and educated in Munich. After doing his Abitur he studied art history, history and literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich from 2000 to 2005. He gained experience of the international art market on internships with a leading Munich gallery specializing in Old Masters and with Christie’s in London. He was awarded a doctorate in 2009. His dissertation focussed on the life and work of the German artist Heinrich Kley (1863-1945). This was to provide the basis for an exhibition which he curated. The exhibition was staged at the Museum Villa Stuck in Munich in 2011. It later travelled to the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum in Hanover. In 2012 he set up as an independent art dealer and founded KUNKEL FINE ART.