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The Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, with its attractive, temporary exhibitions of contemporary and modern art, enjoys international renown. The museum houses an abundant collection of paintings and sculptures from the Late Middle Ages through to the present.
The building, constructed in 1877 by Johann Christoph Kunkler in a neoclassical style, invites one to stroll through the art of the past and present: a dialogue of old and new enables a diversified cultural experience, whereby international traveling exhibitions can be seen, and masterpieces of the past meet today’s contemporary art! An extensive educational programming team has made the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen an attractive place for encountering art of the past and present! The Kunstzone (art zone) in the Lokremise (engine depot), the Kunstmuseum’s second «venue», serves as a culture lab for contemporary art. The immediate proximity to cinema and dance/theater opens up fascinating synergies in terms of content, the raw character of the interior enables process-oriented exhibitions.