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The Laura I. Gallery is a multi-award-winning art venue in London's East End, inaugurated by Mayor Sadiq Khan in 2016. It showcases cutting-edge art exhibits characterized by ambition and innovation. It is a hub for exciting art that challenge and inspire visitors.
The Laura I. Gallery is a prestigious art venue situated in the dynamic East End of London. Since its launch and inauguration by Sadiq Khan, The Mayor of London, in the Autumn of 2016, the gallery has earned several awards for showcasing avant-garde and innovative art exhibitions. Laura I. Gallery is a space for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs to witness cutting-edge art and explore the latest trends in the art world. The gallery's focus is to exhibit exciting and ambitious displays of contemporary art, facilitating a platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their work. Laura I. Gallery is committed to promoting the arts and providing a space for its continued evolution.
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