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Le Centre d’Art is a public interest institution founded in 1944. A cradle for Haitian art, it has helped several generations of renowned artists from Hector Hyppolite to Edouard Duval Carrié.
Created in 1944 under the impetus of the American watercolorist, DeWitt Peters, and several Haitian intellectuals, Le Centre d’Art has a fundamental role in the history of Haitian painting. This institution, which received public interest status in 1947, was started when there were still no galleries or public initiative art schools in Haiti. Historically, Le Centre d’Art has simultaneously been an educational center, gallery and reference institution for the promotion of Haitian art Our Mission > Find, educate and mentor Haitian artists. Identify talent, enable creation and circulate it for the benefit of the entire art world. > Document and display Haiti’s significant visual arts heritage. Offer quality access to Haitian art to both the public and professionals.
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