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Leeahn gallery was established by Hyeryung Ahn, the collector-turned-gallerist. Leeahn gallery currently operates two branches in two cities: Seoul, and Daegu of South Korea.
Leeahn gallery has played a pivotal role in introducing contemporary art trends by showcasing the artworks of emerging and renowned Korean masters such as Nam-june Paik, Kun-yong Lee and Tchun-Mo Nam. Furthermore, Leeahn gallery has held solo exhibitions of notable international artists such as Andy Warhol, Alex Katz, Frank Stella, David Salle, Jennifer Steinkamp, Kiki Smith, etc. These series of art shows have been hailed as uplifting public awareness of contemporary art. Leeahn gallery continues its effort to participate various international art fairs such as Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Miami, Art Stage Singapore, etc. As a result of such efforts, our representative artists have been invited to prestigious art museums and galleries for their shows.
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