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Welcome to Leviton Fine Art, LLC, an online art gallery that offers works mostly from the 20th Century Master Artists. By offering our works online and not having the costs associated with a brick and mortar gallery, we can offer you prices that cannot be beat!
Leviton Fine Art, LLC focuses primarily on artwork that was created by the recognized 20th Century Masters. We currently carry an inventory of over 350 varied pieces by the Masters as well as some by current artists. These include originals, lithographs, etchings, prints, serigraphs and sculptures. No medium is excluded and our intent is to acquire art that has been hand- signed by the artist, however if we offer a piece that features a plate signature, we are certain to specify that in the description. We know from experience that acquiring art can be expensive and intimidating. At Leviton Fine Art we plan to offer artwork priced significantly lower than you would pay in galleries, and hopefully in an easy-going manner. Feel free to contact us to assist you in any way necessary!
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