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LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery is a place of escape and dreams. Offering artistic events marked by their aesthetics and quality, it is the unavoidable place of artistic emulation in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).
Following 30 years of commitment to the promotion of African arts with her first gallery Arts Pluriels, Simone Guirandou NʼDiaye established LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery with her daughter, Gazelle Guirandou-N’Diaye, in 2015. LouiSimone Guirandou Gallery supports contemporary artists and designers through a programme of curated solo and group exhibitions and participation at international art fairs providing their artists with a platform in Côte dʼIvoire and abroad. As an Art historian and leading contributor to the arts in Côte d’ivoire, Simone Guirandou-N’Diaye curated the first International Exhibition of Arts in Abidjan (SIAPA). She is a member of the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Culture of Africa and the African Diaspora (ASCAD) and the international Association of Arts Critics.
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