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Exhibiting the emotional, sensual, and aesthetic vision of fine master artists from around the world.
With a personal passion for fine art, McCallum’s appreciation of the art world has grown over the decades into a sophisticated understanding of the relationship between artist, collector, and gallery. McCallum Gallery aims to enrich those relationships, bringing a vision, an integrity and a commitment to beauty, in all its interpretations, to the collection. Featuring a unique range of international fine art that is at once dynamic, joyful and accomplished. McCallum Gallery is honoured to exhibit the works of world renown artists such as Joan Miro, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Sorel Etrog, Yana Movchan, Oksana Movchan, and David Muir. McCallum Gallery is pleased to work with collectors and designers to provide works of art that are rich in both emotional and artistic value.
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