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Established in 2014 in London, Ncontemporary runs its program in its gallery in Milan and a series of project spaces in London. It focuses on supporting global emerging artists.
Ncontemporary was set up in 2014 in London by Italian-born Emanuele Norsa. In 2015 it opened a project space in a former garage in Knightsbridge where it hosted a program featuring , among others, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Gregory Hayes and Domenico Antonio Mancini. While the Knightsbridge project space closed its doors in early 2016, Ncontemporary developed further its activities and lauched in 2017 its permanent location in Milan with a solo show by Zehra Arslan. In addition to the gallery program and the participation to international fairs, Ncontemporary collaborates with partner galleries, collectors, curators and public entities with the main objective to continue supporting the careers of young emerging artists.