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Nicolas Couturieux is a contemporary art gallery working with leading artists as Tania Mouraud, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Thomas Canto, Tilt, Craig Costello, Momo, Mirko Reisser, Aryz, Georges Rousse, Sainer…
Since 2013 Nicolas Couturieux has worked as a curator, as well as a producer, editor and programmer.  He initially specialised in limited edition lithographs, collaborating with various institutions, Couturieux has curated exhibitions on an international scale. He also took a stance in 2015 against the tragic events that took place in France at Palais de Tokyo, led by the NGO RWB.  Since 2017, Nicolas Couturieux has collaborated closely with the Rouen-based art center Hangar 107, managing their programming with the aim to confront the world of contemporary art, inviting pioneering artists to occupy the public space. He is uncompromising about the importance of the convergence of research and goals, giving way to an unencumbered, utterly free artistic production that smacks of its time.