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Park Ryu Sook Gallery was opened in 1983 in Seoul by founder Park Ryusook. Since the early 1980s, Park Ryu Sook Gallery has not only supported Korean Dansaekhwa artists and emerging Korean artists but also introduced them to the international art world.
Park Ryu Sook Gallery was opened in 1983 in Gangnam, Seoul by founder Park Ryusook. The gallery nurtures young and talented Korean artists and introduces internationally renowned artists, previously unseen in Korea, such as Christo and Jean-Claude, Frank Stella, Patrick Hugues, Bill Beckley, and Gavin Turk. In 2019, Park moved to Itaewon, and she has continued to present works by domestic and foreign artists who have worked with her over the past 40 years. Park Ryu Sook Gallery advocates for national contemporary Korean art, and its represented artists include the masters of Dansaekhwa, Park Seo-bo (b.1931), Yoon Hyong-keun (b.1928-2007), Chung Chang-Sup (1927-2011), and Suh Se-ok (1929-2020).